• Day 1 | July 1, 2021

14h00  Opening Session

14h15  Rachel O’NeillRetroelements, centromere turnover and karyotypic evolution” 

            University of Connecticut, USA

Session I – Animal Genetics


15h00  Fernando Casares “Variations on OrganSize Control” 

            University Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Spain


15h30  Moisés MalloHow do vertebrate embryos build their bodies” 

            Gulbenkian Science Institute, Portugal


Session II – Plant Genetics


16h00  Pat Heslop-HarrisonThe genome landscape: consequences of repetitive DNA organization and evolution

            University of Leicester, UK


16h30  Paula DuqueAlternative splicing control of development and stress response during early plant growth

            Gulbenkian Science Institute, Portugal


17h00  Zoom Break


Session III – Microbial genetics


17h15  John Morrissey “Unlocking the synthetic biology potential of the non-traditional yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus” 

            University College Cork, Ireland


17h45  Miguel Cacho TeixeiraUsing Functional Genomics and Systems Biology to address antifungal drug resistance, drug                    targeting and drug design” 

            University of Lisbon, Portugal


18h15  Associação Pseudoxantoma Elástico (Dra. Marta Jacinto)



Pitch Sessions 1 and 2 – Parallel sessions


18h30  Pitches (Parallel virtual sessions in accordance with the number of abstracts received)


19h30  Round Zoom Table - Discussion      

  • Day 2 | July 2, 2021

Session V – Biomedical Genetics

14h00  Laura ValleNovel hereditary colorectal cancer genes

            Catalan Institute of Oncology, Barcelona, Spain


14h30  Manuela Grazzina  “Genetic heterogeneity in bigenomic disorders: pathogenicity of mtDNA and nuclear DNA in the                    NGS era”

            University of Coimbra, Portugal


Session IV – Evolutionary Genetics

15h00  Albano BejaLivestock genomes still retain information from their wild ancestors

            University of Porto, Portugal


15h30  David RayTransposable Element Diversity in Mammalian Genomes

            Texas Tech University, USA


16h00  Zoom Break


Session VI – Emerging Technologies in Genetics


16h15  Luís AlmeidaGene therapy approaches for Machado-Joseph disease

            University of Coimbra, Portugal


16h45  Wendy HarwoodAdvances in crop genome editing technologies

            John Innes Centre, UK


17:15   Karen MigaTelomere-to-Telomere chromosome assemblies: new insights into genome biology and structure

            University of California Santa Cruz, USA


18:00   Closing Session



The programme schedule is in Western European Summer Time (WEST, UTC+01:00).


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